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We offer several main lines of business activity. All of them are listed below:


Buying and selling printing presses, bindery machines and auxiliary equipment

Sale of replacement parts and consumables

Providing complete or partial supplying of spare and replacement parts,

Maintaining and assuring the minimal stock of these items



We offer technical advice on the purchase of used printing machines

We repair and service the machine after the warranty period

We offer assistance in the use of preventive and diagnostic plans, to minimize downtime

Improvements,modernization and unusual projects

Overhauls :

Technical consulting related to overhauls and repairs of offset presses.

We perform general repairs of printing, stitcher and binding machines,

also perform smaller repairs,smaller devices

examples :

Reconditioning of units,folders, cylinders.

Production folder unit rollers (chopper) with porcelain cover or metal hardened surface

Reconditioning of bearing and bushing holes in printing press frames (e.g. plate and blanket cylinder bearing sleeve holes)


Instalations :

Moving and installing offset presses,bindery machines and auxiliary equipment

We have special equipment like trolleys, ropes, lifting belts,hydraulic jacks and of course

experienced team


Parts :

Manufacturing of quality replacement parts for offset presses:

ink fountain rollers

water pan rollers

ink blades

ink fountain cheeks

all types of cams

worms and worm wheels for oscillating drives

reconditioning of parts covered with different non-abrasive powders, such as: folder jaws and rollers.

signature guides made of sliding materials

rubber elements: suckers, wheels and rollers

reconditioning of folder cylinders,unit cylinders

folder unit rollers (chopper) with porcelain cover or metal hardened surface

surface spray reconditioning of worn press elements such as sleeves, bushings and guides



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